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Have a loved one that can’t get enough screen time? Whether it’s music, gaming, or just a lot of Netflix-binging, you can ensure they have the essentials they need to do what they love and stay safe at the same time. Items such as the webcam shield and power bank can protect their privacy and guarantee they are never disconnected in emergency situations, and an extra set of headphones and a wireless music player can help keep the entertainment going no matter where they are.


1 Portable Phone Charger – A busy college schedule means your kid needs to keep their devices charged. We’ve included a 2200 mAh portable charger so that their cellphones are always reachable. Our pocket-sized power bank is a little peace of mind for an always-on world. Best of all, our portable phone charger easily fits in their pocket or backpack.

1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Our multifunction Bluetooth speaker features USB charging as well as an inbuilt mic to take calls. Better still, our wireless speakers are compatible with iOS as well as Android. We’ve packed big sound into a tiny portable speaker, meaning your kid will be able to live their life loud any way they want.

1 8GB Flash drive – With an 8Gb flash drive, your kid will always have enough room to backup their valuable files or prepare presentations for class. With a sleek flip-out design, our thumb drive fits on any keychain, meaning your kid will always have their valuable files in reach with our USB drive even if they’re offline.

1 Set of headphones – Each My College Crate electronics care package comes with a pair of earbuds that fit any standard headphone socket. With rich bass and crisp treble tones, these earphones are perfect for music, streaming or podcasts. Your kid will adore passing the time with our premium earbuds

1 Secure Phone Grip – In a world where your kid seems to be glued to their phone, make sure their expensive handset is secure with an adhesive phone holder ring. Simply pop on the phone grip socket to the back of the handset to get more traction to make sure the handset stays in its natural habitat (glued to the hand of your kid).

1 Secure Webcam Cover – Protect your kids’ privacy from prying eyes and hackers with our laptop camera cover. Our laptop camera cover slide fixes to the webcam of any model of computer (including Macs) to provide instant protection if your kid’s online security is compromised

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