Portable Phone Charger For College Students


A busy college schedule means your kid needs to keep their devices charged. We offer a 2200 mAh ​portable charger​ so that their cellphones are always reachable. Our pocket-sized ​power bank​ is a little peace of mind for an always-on world. Best of all, our ​portable phone charger​ easily fits in their pocket or backpack.

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✔ Easy check charge status. Push button to see remaining charge.

✔ Auto-on when the device connected. Auto-standby when disconnected.

✔ Auto-adapting charge current to support a variety of devices and optimize charge time

✔ A handy LED Torch that can be turned on and off by pressing the status button.

✔ Output over-current and over-voltage protection

✔ Input over-current and over-voltage protection

✔ High temperature shut down

✔ Short-circuit protection

✔ Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection