TUSK® 5-Piece Room Organization Set – Alloy Gray


Make sure your student is fully prepared for college dorm life with this TUSK® 5-Piece Room Organization Set. Life in a dorm room requires a lot of dorm-centric supplies and one of the most essential is college organization supplies. When moving into your dorm room, you’ll want to make sure that each of your college supplies has a home. Dorm rooms are notoriously small, so without the right places to store your dorm essentials, your college dorm can quickly look messy. But with this functional dorm organization set, you can get your dorm room properly organized so that you can enjoy the look of your college decor.

Complete with college storage for your clothes, shoes, dirty laundry, and a variety of other college supplies, this affordable 5-piece dorm set will help you keep your dorm room tidy. Each piece in this gray college set is made with a durable material that is designed for college life. These gray college organization pieces will also be the perfect accent for the rest of your dorm room decor. Fitting perfectly into your dorm room, these inexpensive dorm storage items should be at the top of your college essentials checklist!

Top Features include:

  • About TUSK®: Made from durable 600D, the TUSK® College Storage Line is created to be beyond durable, built to last, and can withstand tough college use.
  • Neutral Alloy Gray color to complete your dorm room decor.
  • Set includes hanging sweater shelves, hanging shoe shelves, laundry backpack, and two fold-up cubes to help keep you organized and provide plenty of dorm room storage!

5-Piece Room Organization Set Includes:

  • TUSK® Hanging Sweater Shelves: This dorm essentials item will be like having another dresser in your college dorm room. This dorm organizer has 6 shelves so you can keep your clothes organized and separated. Plus, this dorm item takes up little closet rod space and instead takes advantage of vertical space to maximize your dorm room storage.
  • TUSK® Hanging Shoe Shelves: You can fit 10 pairs of shoes and it hangs right in your college closet. It’s perfect for shoes, linens, and anything else you might need to organize.
  • TUSK® Laundry Backpack: One dorm laundry bag isn’t enough. Keep your clothes separated from the start with multiple dorm laundry bags for your light and dark clothes. Plus, this dorm item has a drawstring top that keeps your clothes inside!
  • (2) TUSK® Fold-Up Cubes: These cubes are perfect for extra storage under your bed or in your closet. They have an easy pull handle on the front so you can easily grab it from under your bed or off of a shelf. For easy storage, this cube collapses flat when not in use.

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