College Students are Headed Home for Break. Are You Ready?

Set Them Up for Success Their Last Weeks in Class with a College Care Package

Coming home for the holiday break, your college student has a very different idea of what their time spent back at their old stomping grounds will be like than you do. (For an example, refer to the “Back Home Baller” sketch from Saturday Night Live). You’re imagining family fun, and they’re imagining sleeping in, eating all the food in the house, and generally doing a whole lot of nothing.

To avoid disappointment, parents should manage their expectations. Expectations aren’t always bad; they motivate us and give us direction. But when our expectations don’t match up with reality, it can feel beyond disappointing. Don’t feel let down over the holidays by following these helpful tips for welcoming your college student back into the family home while they take a break from classes.

  • Establish rules from the start. If you need your student to help out around the house while they’re visiting, or if you know you’ll need them to take over an important task, let them know first-thing, so they aren’t surprised. Remember that they are adults who have been living independently for at least a full semester. Micromanaging their time (like forcing them out of bed at 6 a.m. for the sake of rising when you do) probably won’t be met with much positivity.

  • Stock up on their favorite snacks and make the home-cooked meals they love. Your kid has been eating cafeteria food or microwavable mac ‘n’ cheese for months. Nothing welcomes them back quite like their fave dinner!

  • Headed home for the holidays means your college student is probably looking forward to spending time with their friends from their hometown, or even bringing along new college friends. Don’t be surprised when the whole crew parades in and out of your home.

  • Unless you absolutely have to, don’t convert your child’s old bedroom to your new fitness space, man cave, or craft room until they’ve officially moved out. It’s nice to have a familiar room to stay in, and it helps them feel like they’re still part of the family, even when they’re away at college the majority of the year.

  • Don’t be shocked by the stories you hear. It may be hard to come to terms with the fact that your student has attended parties or been out of the dorm late at night. Remind them that safety is important, but now is not the time for lectures.

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