How to Throw a Graduation Party and Maintain Social Distancing

Tips and Tricks to Show Your Graduate You Care

Although some states have lifted their stay-at-home order, social distancing is still important to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Unfortunately for high school or college graduates, the ceremonies meant to celebrate their achievements are on hold. 

But just because there’s no in-person commencement doesn’t mean you and your newly-minted graduate have to sit back and do nothing. At My College Crate, we think you should make graduation special by throwing a party that still involves maintaining social distancing.

Digital Graduation Party

Just as people working from home hop on a video conference to take care of business, so, too, can graduation events be held there!

Set up your video conference time and date, and then create a formal invitation to send via email or social media. You can even use some graphic design skills to make it look fancy and on-theme. Don’t post the link to your video conference in a public place, and consider requiring a passcode when people join.

Ask attendees to have a meal, snack, or favorite drink ready for the call, and to send over any graduation gift they’d like to give ahead time. Then, enjoy some togetherness that only the digital age can provide. You’ll enjoy some delicious food and fellowship together, without having to worry about things like cleaning your entire house, planning a party menu, or decorating several rooms.

If you really want to get creative, you can pre-arrange porch deliveries of cupcakes or other treats to local attendees to enjoy during the party! And of course, ask your graduate to don their cap and gown for the full effect.

Intimate Outdoor Graduation Dinner Party

Most cities and states ask to limit the number of people gathered together to just 10, which we think is actually a great way to throw a gorgeous, formal dinner party in celebration of your recent graduate. Pick a day where the weather promises to hold up, and deck out your back deck or patio with tables with linens, floral arrangement centerpieces, and candles.

Your guests will think they’re dining al fresco at their favorite five-star restaurant as you serve a meal that complements the ambience you’ve created. And since you’re only serving 10, you can really go all out with the budget you planned to put toward a big celebration! Don’t forget the college graduation gift or high school graduation present, though!

Graduation Parade

If gathering isn’t an option and your attendees list isn’t terribly technically savvy, you might consider organizing a special graduation parade. Simply invite friends and family members to drive past your home at a set time, holding signs to celebrate your graduate, and waving as they go by, to show how proud they are of your child for their big accomplishment.

Staying in your car is the ultimate social distancing, so a parade is the perfect option if you need to be sure you stay quarantined.

When planning the parade, be sure that you don’t invite too many people to participate such that it becomes a traffic hazard, and that the parade happens on a road that won’t impede the flow of traffic through a major intersection or other area. But if you live on a side street, in a quiet neighborhood, or somewhere where it’s easy to pass through without crowding, a parade is easy!

Don’t Forget Graduation Gifts!

It bears repeating: a great way to celebrate your grad is with a thoughtful graduation gift. Most graduates love receiving gifts they can put to good use, rather than the stereotypical picture graduation picture frame that will end up getting donated to a thrift store in a few years (but some people do like those, so use your best judgement)!

Depending on your relationship with the high school graduate, you might want to find a way to show them you care every month of the year, and a My College Crate subscription box is the perfect way to do it. Our university care packages are shipped directly to the recipient, even if they live in a dorm. Each college snack box contains a variety of edible treats sure to please any palate, as well as school supplies and other fun surprises. Getting one every month keeps the new college kid in snacks to eat while studying, and reminds them how much you care even while they’re away from home.
Or, if the graduate you’re celebrating already completed college, a snack box subscription is a great way to stock their work desk with treats in case they forget to pack a lunch or get so caught up in assembling a presentation or report that they miss their break! The Care Crate Co., our sister company, has so many care package gifts to choose from, you’ll find one to suit your needs.

Pre-order today so your grad gets their care package in time for their party!