10 Fall Activities for College Students Looking for Fun

Continue Practicing Social Distancing for Safety

Like everyone else on Planet Earth, you’re tired of being cooped up in your dorm or apartment because you’re responsibly choosing not to go out without good reason. By now, you’re probably itching to do something that involves moving around, seeing interesting things, and enjoying your time.

Here are ten activity ideas that are both fun and allow you to safely socially-distance.

pumpkin patch

1. Visit a pumpkin patch.

Now that Halloween is over, the majority of guests at pumpkin patches have greatly dwindled. Now is your chance to pick out some pumpkins and decorate gourds for fall, buy fresh-pressed apple cider, and a pie to eat between study sessions for your finals. Dress in your warmest flannel, and hit the patch with a couple of friends. Being outside, staying six feet apart, and wearing a mask will all reduce your risk of catching novel coronavirus during this activity. Be sure to call in advance to make sure your pumpkin patch of choice is still open, and don’t wait until December to go.

2. Paint something.

Please don’t tape off triangles on your bedroom walls with masking tape and paint each section a different color. What looks good on Tik Tok probably won’t look good in your home. Instead, grab a small canvas and some inexpensive paints, and watch Bob Ross or another painting instructor while you recreate the artwork for yourself. You can find painting tutorials on YouTube for free. Order your paint supplies from an online retailer and have them shipped to you.

painting supplies
the care crate co. gift box

3. Shop online for holiday gifts.

Winter holidays are coming soon, and for many American families, that means giving gifts to all of your loved ones. If you’re on a budget, the sooner you start shopping, the better chance you have of finding thoughtful gifts that you can afford. As you get more and more pressed for time, you’re more likely to buy someone a set of flannel pajamas just because they were $10 at the big box store, not because you know they’d really treasure a set of new jammies. Shopping online gives you access to multiple stores, some that share shipping, so you can bring smiles to your family members’ faces when it’s time to open presents. Consider buying them a care package from our sister store, The Care Crate Co., at TheCareCrateCo.com

4. Start a bullet journal.

Bullet journaling isn’t just for artsy fartsy kids with too much time on their hands. You don’t have to create a gorgeous bullet journal with collages and artwork. In fact, you can keep yours simple to help you organize your life a bit more. People use bullet journals to track their progress on goals, monitor their health, ensure they’re drinking enough water, and more. What will you journal about?

start a bullet journal
cleaning supplies

5. Deep clean your space.

If you haven’t done it yet this season – or at all during quarantine – now’s the time to deep clean where you live. Wash all your linens, do all your laundry, wipe down every surface, vacuum, dust baseboards, hunt down cobwebs in the corners, and scrub your windows. You’ll be surprised at how refreshing it feels to sit in such a clean space when you’re finished. You might even feel more energized and motivated!

6. Invent a dorm room sport.

No, you should not run up and down your dorm hallways. Yes, you should come up with a simple sport or game to play in the confines of your room with your roommates to pass the time. Think of “True American” from New Girl, minus the excess drinking. What silly rules can you come up with? How are points counted? Who wins, and when? Get your creative juices flowing, and you just might create an amazing college tradition with memories that will last a lifetime.

care game
dorm room yoga

7. Find your favorite work out and get moving.

There are so many free exercise videos and guides online that there’s no reason you need to spend a fortune on a gym membership. Find a complete workout you love doing, and bookmark the URL on your web browser. Play the exercise video on your laptop and move your feet. Don’t skip leg day!

8. Do something nice for someone else.

You’ve probably heard of “paying it forward.” It’s when you do a good deed for someone, and then they then do a good deed for someone else. The chain goes on and on and on, with the idea that all of these people benefit from someone doing a single nice thing. Look around you and determine whether there’s a good deed you can do for someone. Find a way to do it without breaking social distancing guidelines.

act of kindness
student on the phone

9. Call your parents (and thank them for the care package). 

Your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandparent, older sibling, etc. miss you when you’re away at college. Give them a call (or teach them how to use FaceTime) and let them know what’s new with you. You owe them this; they probably sent you an awesome college care package or two this school year already!

10. Hike.

Becoming one with nature on a hike revitalizes you more efficiently than most other things. Enjoy crisp autumn air, burn some calories, and take in the beauty of your surroundings. Be sure to pick a legal hiking trail that is safe, and never hike alone or in the dark.

college student on a hike