Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Everywhere! 

Spooky season is officially here! Get ready for scary movies, haunted hayrides, hot apple cider, and of course, decorating pumpkins! Are you feeling a little lost on how you should decorate your pumpkin? No fear! Here are some fun ways to get into the spooky season with pumpkin decorating! 


There’s nothing quite like that classic Halloween fun that comes from carving pumpkins! Luckily for you, our Halloween Box comes with a carving kit! Get some friends together and figure out some chilling designs! Some classics could be a “boo-tiful” ghost, a creepy jack-o-lantern, or even a wicked witch riding off on her broomstick! 


If carving isn’t your thing, no need to fret! Painting pumpkins is just as fun and much easier to do in a dorm room. Acrylic paint tends to stay on the best but any paint will do! Some cute designs could be dressing your pumpkin as the Hogwarts houses, painting everyone’s favorite Pumpkin King or any other character from The Nightmare Before Christmas, creating Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula with your partner in crime, and so much more! 


If carving and painting doesn’t satisfy your pumpkin needs, how about decorating with pumpkins! No painting or carving required! Finding plastic pumpkins or even small pumpkins and gourds make the cutest Halloween decorations! Not only do they add color, they create a fun atmosphere for your spooky season! 

If you want more pumpkin decorating ideas, check out our Pinterest board! Not to mention, our new Halloween Gift Set has everything you need to experience the most thrilling spooky season yet! Check out our other gift sets, snack boxes and college subscription box service



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