Summer Activities for College Students

Summer is finally here, and we have a few ideas on how to spend it!

Summertime is a great time for college students. With no more classes, no more finals, and no more homework, comes free time! Heading back home means family time, catching up with hometown friends, and relaxing away a stressful school year. 

With the CDC relaxing their rules regarding the pandemic, here are a few ways to spend your summer with different groups of your loved ones before going back to college!

Activities for Small Group of Friends 

Picnic Date 
Whether it’s gathering some friends, family members, or some loved ones, a picnic is always a great way to have fun. Get some snacks together, find a comfy blanket, and go out to a spot in the park. You can even turn it into a photo shoot opportunity if the weather is nice!

Game Night
Get some friends, some snacks, some drinks, some games, and have the time of your life! This can be a great way to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a long time, while having fun! 

Movie Night 
Netflix is calling your name, but so is time with your loved ones, combine the two and have a fun movie night! Some snacks, some drinks, and some good company are all you need to finally watch that movie you’ve been dying to see!

Activities with a Large Group of Friends 

Pool Day
There’s nothing quite like hanging by the pool and relaxing! Find a good book, grab an ice cold beverage, and watch your stress float away. Or turn it into a pool party! Call some friends and ask them to come over, fire up that grill, and catch up next to a relaxing pool!

Lunch/ Dinner Date with Coworkers
If you have a summer internship or a job you really enjoy, get to know your coworkers a little better by asking them over or going out for lunch or dinner! It’s a great way to mingle with them and having friends at work always makes the job more exciting!

Activities for the Whole Family 

There’s nothing better than getting the whole family together for a nice meal, why not take that meal outdoors! The grill is just waiting for you to use it and then finishing it out with a bonfire sounds perfect!  

Park Days
Warm weather and fresh air sounds wonderful and it’s waiting for you all at the park! There’s always so much to do at the park like playing volleyball, walking with the dogs, going on a family hike, feeding the ducks, going on a bike ride, and so much more! 

Make Homemade Ice Cream
It’s no easy feat to make homemade ice cream, but it’s so much fun for the whole family! After finding some amazing recipes and successfully messing up the kitchen, you can create ice cream sundaes to enjoy altogether!

Got any exciting ways of spending your summer?

Tell us how you like to spend your summer time on our social media pages  @mycollegecrate! 

College Care Packages for Students

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