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Reuse Our Boxes in Creative and Fun Ways

April 22 is Earth Day, and we think it’s one of the most important holidays every year. My College Crate has taken lots of steps in recent years to make sure we’re doing our part in protecting the planet, and it seems like Earth Day is the best time to tell you all about it and help you find ways you can get involved, too.

Even as we curate, build, and send college student care packages to your children, we’re also making business decisions that ensure we’re caring for Earth and choosing the most sustainable routes possible. Your care package recipients can get involved, too, starting with recycling all our packaging when they’re done enjoying the contents of it, or upcycling our sturdy boxes for use in their dorms or apartments.

Our Subscription Box Packaging Is Sustainable

About a year ago, My College Crate chose sustainable packaging certified by the Eco-Alliance, including our stickers and tissue paper.

Our packing supplies come from a wonderful company called no.issue, which uses soy-based ink and fully-recyclable packaging materials. The boxes we ship our care packages in are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which is dedicated to sustainability and restorative practices for forests worldwide. Our vendor, no.issue, also plants trees for every packaging order their clients place! 

Upcycle Your Care Package Box to Help the Earth

Encourage your student to either recycle every part of their care package box when they’re finished with it, or to get creative and find a new way to repurpose it. It’s perfect for crafts, storage, or as a gift box for a friend’s birthday or other holiday.

They also could use them as:

  • A shoe tray. Line the bottom with an absorbent, launderable cloth or a sheet of aluminum foil and keep the box by the dorm room door to set shoes inside after trekking through mud, rain, or snow. It will help keep the dorm floor clean and tidy.

  • A laptop stand. Raise the height of your laptop – especially if you use a separate keyboard – by setting your laptop atop one of our closed care package boxes. Paint it or cover it in contact paper to match room decor. As a bonus, you can store extra school supplies inside.

  • A storage box for valuables. Stow important items inside our box, then tuck it to the back of the closet for safekeeping. Our boxes are so sturdy, they can even hold up to having other items stacked on top.

  • A loft bed tray. Cut and remove three-fourths of the lid, and tuck the remainder down into the side of the box at the hinge. (This strengthens the side.) Load it up with bags of snacks, use it to corral school supplies while you recline and study, or protect your comforter while you paint your nails.

  • An anonymous ballot box. If you belong to a social organization with yearly elections, one of our care package boxes makes the perfect secret ballot box! Cut a slit in the top, and have everyone slide their ballots inside.

At My College Crate, We’re Dedicated to Helping the Planet

In all aspects of our company, our leaders have worked to ensure that we’re taking steps toward sustainability, starting from our ordering system, to our customer service crew, and to our behind-the-scenes team members. We’re fully paperless, which means we’re using far less tree-based products and ink than companies of our size.

Every time you buy and send a care package from My College Crate, you’re helping us take care of the Earth, too.

Learn More

For more information on green ideas and our Eco-Alliance packaging, visit, or contact our customer service team if you have any questions.

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