What to Get Your Parents for the Holidays

A College Student’s Gift Guide

Your parents (or grandparents or guardians or whoever loves and cares for you) have always been there for you; thank them for everything they’ve done, including sending you amazing college care packages, by giving them a gift they’ll truly love this holiday season. If you need gift ideas, we’ve got you covered! At My College Crate, we’re expert gifters, after all! Check out these gift ideas for inspiration.

Handmade Gifts

Don’t sleep on the power of a handmade gift, especially if you have a special skill and can put it to good use! No, we don’t mean gluing macaroni to some construction paper; we hope you’re beyond that by now. We mean knitting scarves or crocheting throw blankets, assembling a scrapbook, sketching a family portrait, painting a picture of the family home, or wood-burning a piece of art.

Recreate an Old Photo

Get your siblings together and choose an old favorite photo of all of you, then get busy recreating it! You’ll want to choose a similar location (or the exact one, if it’s available), find clothes that look like what you wore in the older picture, and then find someone to hit the button on the camera. Print your new photo, and frame it side-by-side with the original. 

Give ‘Em Their Own Care Package

Your parents have sent you college care packages or prep school gift boxes on numerous occasions; return the favor with a care package of their very own! The sister company of My College Crate is called The Care Crate Co., and there are tons of awesome gift boxes and snack boxes there to choose from. Shop at TheCareCrateCo.com

Professional Cleaning Services

No doubt your family worked hard to keep your home tidy while you were growing up. Now that you don’t live at home anymore, we’re sure the workload on the people who remain there has lessened, but why not lighten the chores even more by paying for a one-time cleaning service? Provide your family with a gift card, or schedule the service and pre-pay for them. 

Replace a Well-Loved Favorite Item

Do you parents have a favorite blanket on their bed that has seen better days? Perhaps their entry rug is looking a little less than welcoming. Find a similar looking piece, and give them the upgrade. Just don’t throw away the original, just in case.

Dinner for Two

In the time of coronavirus, getting out for a date night may be nearly impossible for some families. Bring the date night to your parents with a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant – just be sure to choose one that delivers. They can enjoy their meal from the safety of their home and take a break from cooking for one night.

Give Them Something They Really Want

Think back to all the conversations you’ve had with your parents during the past year. What items did they talk about wanting? Get them one of those! And before you buy your mom a new mop, know that parents don’t want practical things all the time. Get them something really thoughtful that’s just for them and has an element of fun or frivolity.

A Calendar Featuring YOU

Choose your favorite online photo printer, upload photos of you and your siblings from the past year, and create a monthly calendar. With it hanging on the wall, it’s like you’re still at home every day!

Got More Great Gift Ideas?

Snap photos of the gifts you’re giving this year (just make sure your parents don’t follow you on social media!) and share them with us on Instagram at @MyCollegeCrate. We love to see how thoughtful you are this time of year!

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