When You Think of Snacks, Think of Think Jerky

Find New Protein Snacks in Our Monthly College Subscription Box 

Stereotypically, college students aren’t known for taking the best care of themselves. They tend to stay up late, snack on junk food, and deprioritize self care in favor of other pressing matters, like cramming for exams or attending social events.

That’s just one reason we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be adding Think Jerky products to our prep school and college student care package subscription service!

Think Jerky proves classic snacks can be both delicious and good for you with their selection of grass-fed beef jerky and free-range turkey jerky. You can expect to see these snacks in upcoming monthly college care packages

Why We Partnered with Think Jerky

Think Jerky beef sticksThink Jerky is pretty special. Before Think Jerky came to be, founder Ricky Hirsch picked up a store-bought jerky snack. His jaw hit the floor when he realized just how much sugar and other heavily-processed ingredients are in traditional jerky products you can find in your local grocery store. These over-processed jerkies are the same ones your student consumes from the local convenience store.

Ricky decided to change the jerky game, and so Think Jerky was born. These healthy jerky products are sustainably made without hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, or gluten. Each ingredient that goes into every Think Jerky product is restaurant-quality; chefs curate the signature blend of spices for flavors like Classic, Sweet Chipotle, and Sesame Teriyaki.

One of the truly best parts about Think Jerky is that you can read and understand every ingredient on the ingredients list. In fact, you probably have most of them in your own kitchen.

And not only is Think Jerky an American company, but their products are touted as some of the best by respectable publications like Self Magazine and Men’s Health. So, when you send a student care package with Think Jerky inside, you know that your child is getting nutritious snacks for between meals, late-night study sessions, or after a workout at the student fitness center.

Think Jerky Hits Our Care Package Subscription Boxes Soon!

If you’ve subscribed your student to our monthly care package service, then they’ll be receiving turkey jerky or beef jerky products from Think Jerky in an upcoming college crate. If you haven’t subscribed yet, what are you waiting for? Our auto-renew subscriptions make it easy for you to ensure your college student has everything they need to be happy and healthy all school year.

Start a college crate subscription today. The first box is just $29.99, including shipping!

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