2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Your College Student

It can be difficult trying to buy holiday gifts for a college student. What do they need? What do they want? So many questions! Luckily, we have the answers. Here is a detailed gift guide to help you out! 

Gifts for Her 

Getting a gift for the girls can be tricky, so here is a list of the very best ideas for her! 

  • Women’s Study Break Gift Box: Our gift box is equipped with all those study break necessities facial cleansing pads, a scented bath bomb, and EOS Shea butter hand cream! 
  • Makeup Bag: Every girl always needs a new makeup bag so this makes the perfect gift this holiday season! 
  • Essential Oil Diffuser: For all the ladies who need a little relaxing and some nice scents! 
  • Lady’s Sweet Snack Box Care Package: Perfectly equipped with all the best snacks including nature valley crunch bars, skinny pop popcorn, and Black Forest organic gummy bears! 
  • Hydroflask: Perfect for the ones who like to carry their water with her wherever she goes! 

Gifts for Him 

A gift for the guys can be a challenge as well, so here is a list of some ideas to get the boys! 

  • UpperclassMEN Gift Box: Perfectly equipped with all the necessities such as beard oil, cocktail mixer set, and men’s coasters! 
  • Laptop Carrying Case: This is the perfect gift to keep their laptop safe so they can have it for many years to come! 
  • Vitamix Blender: For them to enjoy a perfectly blended smoothie anytime of day! 
  • Healthy Care Package:  We have all the healthy snacks he could possibly need such as Think Jerky beef sticks, nature valley crunch bars, and planters peanuts! 
  • Gaming Headset: For the gamer guys, a new headset is a necessity! 

Gifts for Early Risers and Athletes 

Here’s a list of the very best gifts for those who have an 8 am class and those student-athletes that need some help getting up in the morning!  

  • Coffee Lovers Gift Set: Our coffee lovers gift set is equipped with a stainless steel coffee tumbler, a French press, and gourmet ground coffee! 
  • Gluten Free Healthy Snacks Variety Pack: Filled with snacks that are healthy like corn nuts, motts gummies, and veggie straws to keep them happy! 
  • Weighted Blanket: For those who have a little trouble sleeping, this can help put them to sleep real quick!
  • Hot and Cold Therapy Wrap: This gel wrap doubles as an ice pack and heat relief for those who need a little relief! 
  • Water Filter Bottle: For those who like to start the morning perfectly hydrated and ready to work! 

Gifts for Study Breaks 

For those college students that don’t know when it’s time to take a break, make it easier for them with these gifts! 

  • Reading Bed Rest Pillow: Here is a gift for those who need a study break from those uncomfortable chairs! 
  • Distressing Kit: Our September Subscription Box was perfectly packed with destressing necessities like a stress ball, adult coloring book, and pocket use journal! 
  • Desk Lamp: An eye protectant LED desk lamp could be just what they need to study efficiently! 
  • Tea Lovers Gift Set: Equipped with the study break necessities such as Embrew tea, a stainless steel travel tumbler, and honey sticks to help them relax after a study session! 
  • Book Stand: This gives them the ability to study without hurting their necks!

Gifts for Self Care 

For when college gets in the way and they forget how to take care, here are some gifts that can help them do just that! 

  • Binded Planner: Helping organize their thoughts and assignments can help clear the mind! 
  • Bluetooth Speaker: Listening to music can be the perfect medicine for college students! 
  • Ultimate Snack Care Package: Equipped with Clorox on the go wipes, Rice Krispies treats, and Nutri grain bars this will help them take care! 
  • Affirmations Cards: To help repeat and remind them every morning how to take care and be happy! 
  • Fluffy Socks and Slippers: An absolute self care necessity, fluffy socks and slippers help keep them feeling great! 

And there you have it! Our college student holiday gift guide for you to get them the best gifts this holiday season! Need more ideas? All of our items make the perfect gift for your college students and their friends! Check out our collection of snack boxes and gift sets and visit our Christmas page!