7 Tips for Starting the New Semester

Starting the new college semester can be a challenge. After a much-needed break, college students have to start getting back into the swing of things fairly quickly. To help prepare them for this transition into the new year, here are some tips about how to start the new semester off right! 

Get Organized

Spend a whole day focusing strictly on school and understanding what you have to get done before class begins. Go through the syllabus, fill out your planner, map out your schedule and the distance between each class, and plan study/ homework times for each class. Little things like this can really help prepare you for what the new semester will bring! 

Rent Textbooks

Figuring out when to buy and rent textbooks isn’t an easy feat. Textbooks are extremely expensive as well so not spending unnecessary money is optimal for most college students. The best thing to do in this situation is to read the syllabus and determine just how much of the book you will need. Most professors will also tell you on the first day of class whether or not you need your textbook. If they mention it quite in the syllabus, it’s safe to assume the purchase is necessary and worth looking over before class begins. If you don’t notice it, wait until after the first day of class to hear what your professor has to say. This is a great way to prepare for the new semester. 

Set Aside Time for Yourself

Most college students run themselves into the ground at the start of the semester trying to organize their daily schedule. However, many don’t find places in their busy schedule to take care of themselves. It sounds silly, but planning what times you’re going to eat, shower, sleep, get up, and workout within your class and work schedule can help you stay organized and prioritize taking care of yourself during the new semester. Check out these simple self-care activities you can try today.

Check Your Email and Supplies

It sounds obvious, but a lot of students don’t check their emails or their supplies before the semester begins and then get tripped up by the unexpected. Go through your supplies and make sure you have everything you need and buy what you don’t have. Then, make sure you read through your emails and even give your junk mail a check through too just in case. If you can, email your professors before class and introduce yourself. This will establish a relationship with them beforehand and help build your confidence! 

Perfect Your Note-Taking Process

Developing a detailed process in which you’ll take notes for each class before the semester begins is a must. Each class requires a different way to take notes and planning out these different ways before class begins will help you prepare and organize yourself. Our A+ Study Advice board on Pinterest is full of ideas to help you get started.

Try out New School Resources

Most schools offer services and resources for students that people have never heard of but can completely change how they complete schoolwork. Do a little deep dive into all the different resources your school has to offer and try them out before classes begin so you can utilize them throughout the year. 

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Getting prepared for the semester is no easy feat, but following these tips can make sure you have a great start to your new school year! My College Crate is dedicated to helping your college student be the best they can be. Our subscription service and various crates are curated for college students and designed to help them and treat them throughout the year. Show them how much you care!