Five Things Your Student Needs This Winter in Their Dorm or Apartment

A Monthly Care Package Supplies the Love and Fun

Unlike the fall semester – so named for the time of year in which it begins – the spring semester – named for when it ends – feels completely different. Perhaps it is because the end of the academic year is close enough to taste, or that the school year simply doesn’t feel quite so shiny and new anymore. 

The result? Your student probably has a wishlist of items they need to succeed when they head back to school. Help them get prepared with our list of things your student needs this winter in their residence hall room or college apartment.

Warm Things to Drink and a Way to Prepare Them

hot cocoaBRRR! The majority of students in the United States are headed back to class to find that winter weather truly has hit. It’s cold, it’s snowy, and there’s risk of ice everywhere. Warm them up with hot cocoa, coffee, or tea that doesn’t require them to head out to the local coffee shop. Consider a single-cup K-cup style coffee maker or small 4-cup coffee pot. 

K-cups come in a variety of flavors, even many without coffee, so there’s something for everyone. And that 4-cup coffee pot can make lots of hot water for mixing cocoa or even cooking instant noodles.

Winter Boots and Coats

winter clothsRemember how we said it’s colder outside now? Walking to classes without a heavy, waterproof coat or sturdy lined boots is miserable in winter weather, and can result in a distracting chill that just won’t go away during class. 

While they might not have packed these items for the fall semester when they left home, be sure that they’ve taken them with them when they head back to school for the new semester. If they left them at home, these are worth the cost of shipping! Don’t forget the hat, scarf, and gloves.

Cozy Throw Blanket

cozy blanketSettling in to study is best done in comfy clothes, with a nice snack, and a throw blanket for warmth and snuggling. Throw blankets also are ideal for adding another layer of warmth on their bed on especially chilly nights, or for adding cushion to their desk chair, if needed. It’s also ideal for movie nights or relaxing while binge-watching the latest trending TV show.

We recommend a fleece or sherpa-style throw blanket with a graphic on it, like kawaii cats, superheroes, or some other pattern that suits their personality. 

Fresh School Supplies

Still taking notes old-school style in a paper notebook with a pen? For some people, it’s the most effective way to study – and there’s noshame in that! But if your student is regularly using these college school supplies, they’ll likely need to replenish their supply in preparation for their spring semester classes.

Multi-subject notebooks, reusable folders for organization, and perhaps a new stack of notecards will help prepare your student to become an academic superstar. A quick visit to the local office supply store will have them all set in a matter of minutes.

Don’t Forget the Monthly College Care Package!

Being away from home is hard on everyone. Busy students, especially, find themselves missing the comforts of the house they grew up in, their parents, their pets, and their own bedrooms. Now, you can send that homey feeling to them while they’re away at school with a monthly subscription box from My College Crate.

Inside each month’s box is a variety of items to provide for the health, happiness, and enjoyment of your student. They can expect things like PPE (like masks!), novelty socks, sweet and savory treats, unique gifts, school supplies, and much more. Each month, the box contents change, so no two care packages are alike.

And My College Crate makes ordering easy. When you subscribe, we’ll set up auto-debt and shipping for you, so you never have to set a reminder on your phone or in your planner. Order your monthly box today to save $10!

College Essentials Giveaway

college essentials giveawayHelp your student win a Yeti soft cooler, perfect for toting lots of snacks or drinks for leisure activities when the weather warms. Just tell them to post a photo of their most essential item for college on Facebook or Instagram, and use the tags #MyCollegeEssentials, #MyCollegeCrate, and @MyCollegeCrate.

January 31, 2021 is the last day to enter, and we’ll notify the winner within 10 days via a private message on the social media platform they entered with. Learn more about this great giveaway.



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