How to Stay Safe at Festivals this Summer! 

Have fun while being smart outside

Summertime should always include going to a fun festival since they are always such a great experience! But with the heat, unfamiliar layouts, and crowds they can also sometimes be unsafe. While there, be sure to keep yourself hydrated, lookout for signs of suspicious activity, and always make sure you have a way to contact others. Staying safe is important, but you can also enjoy your festival time with our new May Subscription Box! Here are some of the best tips and tricks to keep your college student safe while out and about at festivals this summer! 

Top 10 Tips to Stay Safe at Festivals 

1. Utilize the Buddy System

Having a friend or family member with you is a great way to stay safe at festivals. Making sure that person is someone you trust and someone whose company you enjoy can make it a great summertime experience and keep you safe along the way. 

2. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is extremely important, especially in the summertime when the heat is so overpowering. Make sure you always have a water bottle on you or at least have easy access to a sufficient amount of water. Doctors recommend a cup (8 oz.) of water every hour while staying outside for a long period of time. Keeping with this routine can help eliminate heat stress and even protect against sunburn. May we suggest the collapsible water bottle that comes in this month’s subscription box?

3. Use Sunscreen

It doesn’t matter how tan you get, so long as you continue to apply sunscreen, you’ll never get burnt! Sunscreen can be extremely damaging for your skin, in the long term it can even cause cancer. Applying sunscreen regularly can keep you from having dry and sunburned skin. If you are more fair, apply sunscreen every hour. If you are on the darker side, every two hours should suffice. Inside May’s Subscription Box, you’ll find a travel-size sunscreen lotion tube that easily fits in your pocket or bag.

4. Don’t Take Items from Strangers

Stranger danger is real! It’s pretty well known that you should not take drinks or food except from professionals or friends. It’s also important to avoid germs and sickness that you do not use items from other people when you are not familiar with them. 

5. Bring Proper Shoes

If you know you are going to be on your feet for a long period of time, you’re going to need the proper shoes. Comfortable shoes but also ones that are good for walking are important to wear while you are outside all day at a festival. It can help you avoid blisters, back pain, aching muscles, and more! 

6. Wear a Cross Body Bag

A bag that crosses over your body or a Fanny pack attached to your person is a much safer option than a regular wallet or purse. Having the item across your body or on your person allows you to be able to regularly see and feel it, as well as makes it much harder for anyone to steal it. This can help you keep your items close to you at all times and avoid losing valuable items. 

7. Take a Break

Heatstroke is no joke! If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, confused, extremely hot, or sweating profusely, it may be time to get out of the heat and take a break. Recognizing that these are signs of heatstroke and knowing how to take care of yourself is important. Make sure you and your friends research the signs so you can recognize it in each other before it gets worse. Also, avoid issues with low blood sugar by taking a break and eating at your normal times. It’s easy to forget to eat in the heat, so make sure you are conscious of feeding yourself regularly. 

8. Learn Your Way Around

Most festivals will allow people to come the day before or early so they can get familiar with the layout of the area. If the festival you are attending does not allow you to do this, research the area on your own and figure out the layout from years past. Being familiar with the area can allow you the opportunity to leave quickly should it be necessary and can help to keep you safe. 

9. Stay Connected

Make sure you always have a way of contacting others when it is necessary. That means bringing a portable charger to keep your phone alive, having everyone’s numbers readily available, and knowing what to do when your phone is overheating and not working. Check-in with your friends and family regularly so they can ensure your safety. 

10. Utilize a Gift Set with Necessities 

Our new May Subscription Box is equipped with everything you could need while enjoying your regular summertime festival. Completed with a clear Fanny pack, collapsible water bottle, snacks and treats, energy drink mix, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and more! This makes the perfect gift for those who love to enjoy the summertime outdoor festivals! 

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