10 Tips to live Sustainably while at College

Happy Environmental Awareness Month and Earth Day! 

While you’re in college it’s important to try to live sustainably. With that, here are some tips about how to live sustainably while at college! 

Turn off unused lights

This is an extremely easy solution to energy issues. Turning off unused lights or unplugging electric items that aren’t in use can help conserve energy. 

Bring your own coffee mug

A reusable thermos while you’re on the go or mug while at work, like the ones that can be found in our Coffee Lovers and Tea Lovers Gift Sets, help to cut down on plastic waste. 

Shop local

Shopping locally or buying organic products can greatly help reduce the amount of carbon released in the atmosphere, as well as help support the local economy. 

Use CF or LED lights

CF and LEDs are amazing energy-conserving tools and last way longer than the average lightbulb! 

Take shorter showers

Taking shortened showers as well as using cold water can help reduce the amount of water waste and help to stop depleting freshwater. 

Bring a reusable water bottle

Using a reusable water bottle can help to conserve water and cut down on plastic waste, which can help stop pollution.

Look into recycled items

Using recycled notebooks, recycled storage accessories such as shoe hangers, bins, and under bed storage bins from recycled materials, and recycle materials as much as you can!

Buy organic

Buying organic bedding, organic cleaners, and organic foods can be extremely good for the environment and it also leads to an extremely healthy lifestyle. 

Know what is non-recyclable

Hardcover books, pizza boxes, plastic shopping bags, tissues, paper towels, styrofoam, shredded paper, aluminum foil, and food waste are all non-recyclable materials. Attempting to recycle materials like this can lead to none of the items in the recycling bin being recycled. 

Shop with us

That’s right, our packaging is completely eco-friendly! Finding companies like us that use eco-friendly packaging and materials can be a great way to help the environment and live sustainably. Check out some of the products you can buy, here

Share your ideas

We hope these tips have helped you find new ways to live sustainably while at college! Do you have more tips we forgot about? Join our parent’s group so you can share them with others! Click here for more information!