Dorm Room Must-Haves

What Your College Student Should Bring! 

Whether your child is a first time college student, or a returning college student, a little reminder about what to bring never hurts! Here is a list of some necessities to make sure your college student is successful in school! 

Personal Care/Toiletries

Most dorms have a communal bathroom, so it’s important to make sure proper personal items are available for your student. A few items needed are:

  1. A Shower Caddy- This is extremely helpful for making sure all their stuff stays in the right place and doesn’t get lost. 
  2. Shower Shoes- Most stores have these available or your student can use regular flip flops but these are extremely important to remember to stop the spread of sickness in a dorm building. 
  3. Razors or Trimmers- These can get lost easily, luckily My College Crate has an UpperclassMEN Gift Box available that features both of these items for when your student runs out!
  4. Nail Clippers- This is a popular item that often gets forgotten, luckily My College Crate has premium nail clippers available in our Women’s Study Break Gift Box, perfect for your students needs! 
  5. Loofah- These make the best bathroom essential especially for college students because they are inexpensive and extremely useful! 


Most dorms will have a first aid kit and resident assistants available for accidents, but it never hurts to make sure your student has the proper safety precautions in place. 

  1. A First Aid Kit- This will be important to keep in the dorm room so the student has them available when needed, luckily for you, My College Crate has the perfect one available in our Ultimate Care Package
  2. Medicine- Your student may forget how important it is to have medicine available while they are away. Stop by your local pharmacy to purchase some medicines and a pill box so they always have what they need! 
  3. Jumper Cables- If your student is allowed to bring their own car on campus, make sure they have jumper cables available to ensure their safety when driving! 
  4. Mini Toolkit- A toolkit consisting of basic necessities like a screwdriver, pliers, nails, etc. are available at any local superstore and come in handy when moving in and moving out! 
  5. A Flashlight- These may seem trivial but they can come in handy for a possible power outage or storm. 


It’s hard to find the time to cook a proper meal in college, so here are some ways to make sure your college student is eating properly. 

  1. Quick and Easy Meals- There are a variety of healthy yet quick microwaveable meals available with our Microwave Crate
  2. Snacks- My College Crate has an abundance of amazing snack crates available for your college students to make sure they’re eating right. May we suggest our Healthy Snack Crate
  3. Kitchenware- Most dorm buildings will have a very basic kitchen set up available, which means your college student could use some kitchenware! Ones that can be washed easily and used quickly are the most helpful!
  4. Dishes- Finding dishes that are easy to clean will be extremely helpful for college students and My College Crate’s Picnic Crate not only makes a great gift, but has easy to clean utensils and a tumbler!
  5. Reusable Thermos- A college student’s best asset is coffee, so to make sure they have their caffeine fix available, a reusable and easy to clean thermos is a necessity! 

Room Decor

It’s easy to forget what’s necessary to bring with you to college. Here are some of the essentials your college student’s will need to optimize their dorm room! 

  1. Laundry Basket- This will come in handy for your college student to make sure their room stays clean and organized, and so they can carry their laundry easily! 
  2. Organization Bins- These are super helpful for storing in a dorm room because of the limited amount of space, so be sure to get a few to help keep your college student’s room in order! 
  3. Mattress Pad- To help your college student feel more comfortable on their dorm mattress, a mattress pad is recommended. 
  4. Desk Lamp- These are perfect for adding some more light in the room and for helping your student study. 
  5. String Lights and Pictures- To help make the room feel more cozy and familiar, string some lights around and add a few pictures on the wall!

School Supplies

The necessary school supplies for a college student are a bit different than those for high school. Here are some of the best supplies your college student will need! 

  1. Planner or Calendar- To help your student with organizing assignments, events, and time management, these make the perfect items! 
  2. Sticky Notes- These are perfect for properly annotating textbooks, studying, and organizing your college students desks. 
  3. Laptop- This item might be a given but most people don’t realize just how crucial a laptop and charger are for college students to remain successful. Ask your student’s school what brand they recommend! 
  4. Stapler and Scissors- These trivial items come in handy when working on a project or paper in college, so we recommend each student have them in their dorm room.  
  5. Notebooks and Index Cards- To help your student best prepare and study for classes, we recommend a different notebook for each course and some index cards to help them study. 

Whether your college student is leaving the nest for the first time or the third, it’s important to make sure they’re succeeding. What better way to show them you care than sending a useful box of tasty snacks and essential items monthly! My College Crate has a monthly subscription box available to help your college student succeed.

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