How to Use this Summer to Prepare for College

Summer is here, but soon enough school will start again! Whether you’re a first time college student or the parent of a first time college student, there are so many ways to prepare for college over the summer. Here are a few!

For First Time College Students

Graduating from high school is no easy feat, so well done! Now it’s time to prepare for college, it can be daunting but luckily you have a whole summer to do so! Here are some of the best tips about preparing for college!

  • Create a dorm room design: doing this will help you figure out what you need to buy throughout the summer to put in your dorm room. Your school should send you a list of what is appropriate to use in the rooms and what’s not so start from there and work your way through what you’d like to bring! We have a board on Pinterest called My First Place for more ideas! Here’s the link.


  • Get the materials you know you’ll need: “Freshmen always pack too much stuff.” It’s a common phrase and so many tend to believe it. Sometimes it’s true, so be critical about what you’ll really need and want to use while you’re there (this will also make it so much easier for you when you move out)! 


  • Ask questions at orientation: first year college orientation is nerve racking at any school but the key is to pay attention and ask questions. Any question you have, chances are they can answer it. It’s the perfect time to get to know people and get your worries out of the way!

Parents of First Time College Students 

It can be scary letting them go off to college, but you have a whole summer to help them, and yourself, prepare and here’s how!

  • Make sure they understand financials: it can be an awkward conversation, but helping your student understand the financial responsibilities of college can really help them succeed while being there. If you’re not sure of some information, call the school’s financial aid office and set up a meeting with them to run through all the financial options.


  • Help them remember necessities: it’s important to make sure your student remembers the essentials for college life, whether it’s necessities for their dorm room, or for their school life, a good way to help them prepare is to remind them what they need. 


  • Take advantage of My College Crate: we are here to help! We offer tips for college students and our care packages are filled with everything your student could possibly need. Our subscription box can help show them how much you care, and provide products they need!

Need more questions answered or looking for more advice? Join our Facebook Group dedicated to helping parents of college students! 

Got any questions or ideas of how to prepare for college this summer?

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