Holiday Activities Away from Home

Top 10 Festive Ways to have Holiday Fun!

Whether you’re going on a trip, staying at school for the holidays, or just in need of new holiday activities for a new tradition in a new place, here are some holiday activities for those who are away from home! 

#1. Wreath Decorating

Creating your own wreath can be a fun holiday challenge and a great way to decorate a new place! If you’re not going to be in your usual spot, this is still a great way to have some holiday cheer! Check out our Wreath Making Pins on Pinterest for inspiration and visit our Self-Care Crafting: DIY Wreaths for All Skill Levels post.

#2. Build a Gingerbread House

For those who haven’t tried, building a gingerbread house is no easy feat, but it sure is a tasty one! If you’re in a new place and need some of that home decorating, this one is a keeper! 

#3. Make a Playlist

A holiday playlist is a must-have and not everyone likes the ones already created on Spotify and Apple Music. It’s your turn to be the DJ! Create the perfect holiday playlist to listen to as you wrap gifts, decorate your place, or cook up a holiday feast! 

#4. Stocking Race

If you have multiple roommates, a partner, or a couple of friends you’re spending the holiday with, this is the game for you! Get some stocking stuffers, put them in a bowl, set a timer for 30 seconds, and go! 

#5. White Elephant Gift Exchange

Find a random item around your house or apartment, something you don’t need but wouldn’t want as a gift, and wrap it and put it in the center. Exchange it with a coworker and call it a day! 

#6. Color

It doesn’t sound like much, but coloring is not only a fun activity for a group of people to do, but it’s also incredibly relaxing! If you need an escape from that holiday stress and a way to have some fun with friends! An adult Christmas coloring book is included in our December Subscription Crate. 

#7. Go see the Christmas Lights

Even if you’re away from home this season, a Christmas light show is always a great time! Luckily there are shows for pretty much everyone, everywhere so give a quick google search and have some fun!  

#8. Christmas Cocktail Party

This one is for the 21 and older crowd! If you and your roommates are all away from home this season, it’s a great time to get together and have a Christmas cocktail party! Find some drink recipes online, get some friends together, and enjoy!

#9. Make Christmas Cookies

Another fun time holiday-related activity sure to have everyone getting in the holiday spirit! Find some online recipes, find some kitchen space, and get to cooking! 

#10. Christmas Movie Night

Get a group of friends together, curl up with a cozy fleece blanket, a couple of cookies, and a cup of Swiss Miss hot cocoa from our Christmas Gift Set, pull up Netflix, and call it a night! If you’d rather binge on some TV shows then check out our Top 10 List of the Best Christmas Episodes Ever.

Far Away but Close to Your Heart

For all those college students who aren’t heading home for the holidays, these activities are for you! Sometimes it’s nice to start your own traditions when you can’t be there to celebrate the old ones. Hopefully, this gave you some ideas! And for all those parents of college students, getting them a gift while they are away is a great way to show them how much you care, so send them a care package from us! We have a wide selection of perfectly packaged gift sets and snack food care packages curated and created specifically for college students.