Self-Care Crafting: DIY Wreaths for All Skill Levels

Decorate Your Room with an Easy College Craft

Your parents lovingly sent you one of My College Crate’s awesome college care packages this month, but one thing it doesn’t include is cheerful decor for your door – whether that’s your bedroom, your dorm room, or your apartment.

Set the tone for the season by assembling your very own wreath using one of these three craft project instructions. Then, hang it on your door and tag us on Instagram @mycollegecrate so we can see your handiwork. 

Looking for more wreath craft ideas? Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration.

Construction Paper Wreath

Skill Level: Easy


  • Sheet of green construction paper
  • Sheet of red construction paper
  • Sheet of gold construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue stick

Cutting out a wreath from construction paper is just about as easy as crafts can get! But paper decorations can still be cheerful and fun. 

Start by folding your sheet of green construction paper in half, hamburger-bun style (short side to short side), and then draw half a wreath shape, with the center along the fold. You can cut out a round wreath, or give it leafy, rough edges for a more realistic effect. Unfold the construction paper after you’re done cutting.

Use the red construction paper to cut out holly berries or bows. Use the gold construction paper to cut out stars or bells. Glue your decorative pieces to the green paper wreath. 

Magazine Collage Wreath

Skill Level: Medium


  • Magazines you’re willing to cut pages from
  • Green construction paper or poster board
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue stick

Go through your magazine stash to find pages worthy of your wreath. You’ll need a page to cut your wreath shape from. For example, you might use a page featuring a fashion ad with a green background. Cut a wreath shape from the page. Alternatively, you can use a solid-colored piece of construction paper or even poster board as your wreath shape.

Continue looking through your magazines to find other decorative images you could cut out and glue to your wreath. These might be holiday images from ads or editorial pages, or you could simply use solid-colored ad images. This is where you can use your artistic license to create decorations for your paper wreath. Glue them on as you’d like.

Real Wreath

Skill Level: Advanced


  • Wreath form
  • Greenery
  • Ribbon
  • Holiday florals
  • Hot glue gun
  • Other decor: jingle bells, ornaments, etc.

For this wreath to adorn your dorm, you’ll need to head to your local craft store or dollar store to find what you need. Choose the wreath form that best suits your skill level or desired look. This includes a foam form that you should completely cover with ribbon or greenery; a metal wreath form that requires you to attach your own greenery; or a premade wreath, like a grapevine-style wreath or a faux evergreen one.

Use a hot glue gun to attach greenery, ribbon, florals, or other decorative items to your wreath.

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