How to Host the Ultimate Barbecue

Summer is here, let’s celebrate! 

There is nothing quite like a summer barbecue. Eating delicious food, playing outdoor games, getting your friends or family together to celebrate or even just to catch up; it’s what makes summertime so great! Here are the best ways to make sure your barbecue is the best it can be! 

Get the grill out! 

Get the propane tank ready because a good barbecue is nothing without a grill. Burgers, hot dogs, ribs, chicken, corn, pineapple, even watermelon can all be grilled to perfection and make the perfect main course. It’s truly the key ingredient to making sure your food is the best! 

Find the perfect snacks and sides 

Partnering your grilled food with sides and snacks helps keep everyone coming back for more. A good simple side dish is a classic pasta salad or Mac n cheese. Snacks can include chips, veggies, and may we suggest Think Jerky. Think Jerky is the perfect snack made with grass fed beef with no hormones, antibiotics, gluten, or nitrates and it’s handcrafted by Chefs with Michelin-stars! Truly, they make for the perfect snacks at your barbecue. Need more information about this summertime snack? Find it here.

Outdoor games and activities 

Keeping the barbecue fun includes offering fun outdoor activities and games to play. Everyone enjoys a good game of cornhole, bocci, volleyball, and frisbee just to name a few! Games like these keep everyone moving or you can offer card and board games for those who just want to stay seated. 

Drinks all around! 

If you’re over 21, it’s time to practice your bartending skills! Offering some good food and good drinks is a sure way to have some good company. Offering a large variety is always fun and there are some cheap but good options too! It doesn’t just have to be alcohol, there are plenty of refreshing non alcoholic drinks to make your barbecue the best! 

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