Why We Donate Care Packages and Snack Boxes to the Local Food Bank and Other Organizations

A Single College Care Package Can Help Make a Big Difference!

My College Crate was created to help families with students in college or prep school send their love while they’re separated by time and distance during the academic year. Our founder, Greg Airel, treasured the care packages he received from his mom while he was in college, so he wanted to find a way to make it easy for parents to spread joy.

And because at our core, we’re an organization that cares about people, we knew we could take steps to make an impact on those in our local community. My College Crate, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, found that we can help local families by donating time, money, and food items to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

Although our team members may not personally experience what it’s like to be food insecure, we learned that 1 in 5 people in our area experience it. The Greater Cleveland Food Bank helped 404,000 people in northeast Ohio last year, providing nearly 57 million pounds of food.

Inspired by those numbers, our college care package company dug into our supplies of nonperishable snacks and food items and shared them with the people who live in our city through this incredible and hardworking food bank.

Our College Care Package Donations in 2021

So far this year, our care package company donated the equivalent of 199 snack boxes and gift sets to the local food bank and others in need. Across all three of our sister brands, we’ve donated a total of 337 care packages full of much-needed hygiene items, microwaveable meals, and snacks. In March alone, our donation receipt indicated we gave the food bank 989 pounds of food!

For My College Crate, our total company donation is the equivalent of almost $8,000 worth of nonperishable food and personal care products that we knew our community members could use, and that could be supplemented with nutritious produce and other perishables from the local food bank.

Future Care Package Snack Donations

The year 2021 is only halfway over. We know there will be plenty more unique opportunities to continue our mission of helping those in need, including right here in our community. We are excited to do our part, and hope it inspires you to volunteer time or funds where you live.

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