How to Reduce Stress

Here are the best ways for students to find relief from stress

Going back to school can be stressful for all students, new and returning. It can be hard to find ways to reduce those stressful feelings while in a different environment or the feelings of being overwhelmed with a new school year. 

Reducing stress in someone’s life is an important way to maintain good physical and mental health. Stressors can be anything that creates frustration and should never be looked down on. It’s important that the mental health of young adults is taken seriously now more than ever. Below, we’ve included some of the best ways for students to reduce stress while in school for you to share with your student. 


Cooking is a great way to help reduce stress. It draws attention away from frustrating thoughts and can help a student boost their serotonin levels. If space allows it, cooking a warm healthy meal can help them feel refueled and stress-free. 


Whether it’s going on a hike in the park, or just strolling around campus for a few minutes, walking is a great way to reduce stress. It can be extremely beneficial for those trying to clear their mind of stressful thoughts and feelings of being overwhelmed. 

Listening to Music

If a student is in need of a study break, music is the best way to relax while trying to revise. Listening to music either while studying or as a way to break from studying can help reduce stress for students. Playing an instrument can also help focus the mind away from frustration.


For those who get particularly frustrated by stressful feelings, working out and exercising is a really great way to help reduce these feelings. It can help release stress from the body in a healthy and productive way. 


This may seem obvious but spending some relaxing time either with themselves, with friends, or with family can be a really great stress reliever. Seeing loved ones can increase serotonin and positive feelings in people who are experiencing stress. Being alone while doing something relaxing like taking a bath, drinking tea, and reading a good book can also help relieve stress. 

Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or stressed is extremely common for college students in particular. Showing them ways to help reduce these feelings can make all the difference for their mental health. Our subscription box this month also features items to help eliminate stress so your student can succeed. We have plenty of other crates, care packages, gift sets, and more that are essential for college students.


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