‘Tis the Grateful Season!

As Thanksgiving nears, show your gratitude! 

We value caring, which includes self-care! Journaling is one of the best ways to practice self-care and show yourself some gratitude. A great way to practice gratitude is to journal! Here are some tips about how to properly journal and show some gratitude! 

Journaling Idea Prompts 

Self Growth: If you’re looking for prompts about how to improve self-growth, here are a few! 

  1. Productivity- detailing how productive you are on a regular basis can help improve your own productivity regularly. Realizing your different habits, discussing what you’ve been getting done, and creating an order for what you need to get done when, can all help improve your productivity! 
  2. Relationships- building and assessing your various relationships is a great way to improve self growth and show yourself some care. Analyzing what boundaries you want to set for yourself and your various relationships can help reveal areas for you to grow!
  3. Happiness- declutter your mind! Finding ways to clear out some of the intrusive thoughts in your head can be a great way to reveal what makes you truly happy. Another good happiness writing strategy is to analyze some lost connections in your life, whether it’s your connection to different people you lost touch with, things you used to love, or just items you felt connected to once long ago assessing some connections can be a great self growth tool!

A Week of Lists: For journaling prompts that can help you organize your thoughts and emotions, this one’s for you! Spend a week listing your thoughts to help keep you organized!  

  1. List All the Things You’re Passionate About- this can help you learn so much about yourself and learning what makes you feel passionate can give you a positive sense of care and gratitude. 
  2. List All the Things You Like That Doesn’t Involve Technology- taking 30 minutes a day to do something you love without using any technology can prove to be a healthy mental break. Journaling about the things you love and taking time away from technology are both great self care exercises.
  3. List All the Projects You Want to Start and Finish- giving yourself an end date and start date can completely change how you approach projects. When you have an idea, write it down and include a time you could start and finish it! 

Deep Self Love: Everyone deserves to show themselves some love! Here are some journaling prompts to remind yourself why you’re loved! 

  1. What is your favorite childhood story- reminding yourself of your past can help you look forward to your future! This is a prompt that can help bring you joy and nostalgia in all the best ways. 
  2. What is your biggest dream- chasing after your dreams is never a mistake. Even your wildest dream deserves recognition! Writing it down and analyzing why you’ve always wanted it can help you achieve it! 
  3. What do you love most about your life right now- this is a way for you to help assess your current situation and what makes you happy about it!

Journaling Layout Ideas

Creating the perfect layout is half the journaling help! Here are just a few of the best ways to help you design your journal entries. 

  1. Always include the date! This can help you organize your thoughts and help find your entries easily in case you want to revisit anything you wrote! 
  2. Include the prompt on the first line! This can help you out a lot by adding a reference for when you’re writing, serving and a reminder for what you’re focusing on, and how it relates to your thoughts.
  3. Include a number when it comes to lists! When listing things that need to get done or the order you want to remember things. Adding a number can help you correspond your thoughts with organization. 
  4. Add a chart! When talking about what you want for a project or journaling about a specific situation, adding a chart can help you organize how to handle a project and help you keep track of your thoughts! 
  5. Do a little doodle! Drawing is a great way to keep yourself having fun with your journaling tactics and these can add to your thoughts staying organized. 

Journaling Styles 

Different styles work for different people! There are multiple different styled journals to help you find a style that works best for you. These different styles of notebooks allow you a chance to properly organize a prompt and your thoughts to go with it! For more ways to find notebooks and journal styles that help you, check out our Pinterest board here

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