Going Green with the Eco-Alliance

My College Crate is are proud to announce we have joined hands with the Eco-Alliance, and are now using eco-friendly sustainable packaging for our care crates! We support and are dedicated to sustainability, especially given the current state of our environment.  Our customers can send and receive our care packages with a peace of mind, rest assured that at My College Crate we not only put care into our snack boxes, but into our community, and our Earth as well. The tissue paper and stickers we use for our packaging is supplied by the company no.issue. They are certified by the Eco-Alliance, use soy-based non-toxic ink, and are fully recyclable, unlike packaging made with petroleum-based inks. Their packaging is also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which promotes sustainable and restorative practices for our forests worldwide. With every order of packaging from the company no.issue, they will plant trees in areas of need. So far, thousands of trees have been planted all around the world!

With your purchase of My College Crate snack boxes, you are supporting efforts for a healthier Earth. Please join us in caring for our environment with your purchase of our crates, and please recycle your care crate packaging after enjoying all of your snacks! Another fun and eco-friendly idea we encourage you to try is reusing our crates for crafting projects, handy storage, or repurposing as a gift box. For more green-thinking ideas and information about Eco-Alliance packaging, please visit their website, https://www.noissue.co/about-us#eco-alliance, and feel free to reach out to our help desk with any questions as well. Thanks for your care!