6 Perfect Gadgets Gift Ideas For Your Favorite College Students

Are you looking for a fun gift idea you can send to your favorite college student? Or, maybe you are just looking to send them some key essentials.

We have put together a list of gadgets that are the tops on any college students list and are the perfect way to help them feel loved and special every day. There’s a gift here to fit every budget, whether you’re shopping for your child or for a best friend, niece or nephew, or beloved grandchild.

USB Microphone

If your student records lectures, takes voice notes or uses dictation software, a USB microphone will improve her experiences dramatically. There are lots of portable models on the market that are affordable and easy to use.  A simple google search will provide you many options ranging from $7.00 – $25.00.

Streaming Media Player

These plug-and-play devices take the place of a cable subscription, letting your student stream online entertainment from a variety of services, including Youtube and Hulu. Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is just $39 and can be used with an Amazon Prime subscription to access an assortment of top movies and shows. Other options include Google Chromecast, Roku, or Apple TV. All of these devices can plug into any laptop or smart TV and come with a remote. Some also include voice control.

Kindle Unlimited

If your student is a reader, a Kindle Unlimited subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. For $9.99 a month — less than the price of a single bestseller — Kindle Unlimited gives you access to more than half a million ebooks and audiobooks. It’s a great deal for anyone who reads more than one or two books per month. No Kindle? The service works with iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, Windows phones, Blackberry, and most laptops.

Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum cleaner is perfect for college students who are caring for their own space for the first time because it makes cleaning fun. Turn it on and it scoots all over the room, sucking up dust and dirt from every corner. Tuck some stick-on googly eyes and colored magic markers into the package so your student can personalize their new robot.

Wireless Noise-cancelling Headphones

Good headphones will save your student from a lot of roommate battles and headaches. Wireless phones make it easy to listen to music, watch TV or play games without feeling like there’s a leash around your neck. They’re also good for studying undisturbed in public spaces.

Bluetooth speaker

A small rechargeable speaker turns Netflix on your laptop into a surround sound home theater and brings the music from your phone anywhere the party goes. Bluetooth technology is compatible with phones, tablets, e-readers, computers, and other devices. Bose is the top brand in this market, but some of the economy models like Oontz give great sound for a very reasonable price.

Anything that makes life easier and more fun can be a great gift, especially if it’s an item that will be enjoyed often.  If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a tech-loving college student, you can’t go wrong with any of these fun gadgets. It is a great way to show them you care and stay connected while they are away at school.