My College Crate Fundraises for India

College Care Package Fans Like You Helped Us Donate to COVID Relief

Although we specialize in college care package subscriptions, above all, we’re a company that cares about people and what’s happening around the world. So, when we heard about how a second wave of COVID-19 was affecting India, we wanted to do what we could to help.

Not only do we help you send joy and love to your college kid with our student care packages, we also step up and do what we can for those in need.

Our College Student Gift Box Fundraiser Overview

To raise awareness of India’s coronavirus crisis, we shared information on our My College Crate social media posts. We asked our social media followers to like and share our post, and in exchange, we agreed to donate $1 per interaction. We did the same on social media for our sister companies: My Hero Crate and The Care Crate Co.

When our fundraiser drive ended, we were pleased with the results!

Overall, My College Crate social media followers helped us donate $19 toward India’s COVID-19 relief through Across all our care package brands, we were able to donate $122 just from our social media shares alone.

Thank YOU! 

If you are one of our valued social media followers who interacted with our post, we want to say thank you! Because of you, we donated some of our resources to this very important cause.

And don’t forget: we still send monthly college student care package subscription boxes over the summer! Shop now to bring joy to your student. 

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