Unique Hobbies for Recipients of Our College Care Packages

Enriching Activities for Students’ Spare Time

It’s common knowledge that college students occasionally have free time. Many students choose to fill that free time by taking up a unique hobby, whether for pleasure, or to help build their skill sets to make them more employable or attractive to graduate schools.

If you find yourself facing down some free time and want to fill it in a creative or unusual way, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here are a few fun hobbies you can take up while enrolled in college or prep school. (Our favorite, which isn’t listed here, is finding new and creative uses for our signature blue student care package box.)

Paper Quilling

We bet you haven’t heard of this craft! Paper quilling involves working strips of paper into shapes by rolling, folding, and gluing them to create an artistic image. Skilled paper quillers can create stunning designs worthy of framing — and you can achieve it with practice, too.

It’s a relatively inexpensive hobby to try. You can get started with a stack of colorful sheets of paper, a rolling tool, and glue. Find tutorials online, and let your brain run wild as you think up pictures to create.

Fostering Puppies and Kittens

If you’re lucky to have a pet-friendly apartment off-campus, you can help your local animal shelter by taking care of puppies or kittens who are too young to be adopted. Although taking care of pets is time-consuming, you might learn that your schedule is conducive to raising pups!

The animal shelter generally covers all expenses associated with animal care. Once the pets are old enough to find permanent homes, you return them to the shelter. Having adorable furry friends in your apartment might also make you really popular, because everyone loves to pet baby animals! 


Once considered an outdated or “vintage” craft, macramé is back in a big way! This artform involves tying a variety of knots in strands of rope or string to create decorative objects, jewelry, keychains, and more.

It’s easy to learn simple techniques, and you can even buy kits in your local craft store to get started. The items you’ll produce will give your dorm room an eclectic 1970s vibe.

College Radio

Many college campuses have their own radio station that accepts student volunteers to host radio shows and play music. Learn the ins and outs of what you can and can’t say on air, create your own radio personality alter-ego, and play the latest popular songs on air during your show!

College radio is perfect for you if you love music or fancy yourself an aspiring sportscaster! Check around on your campus to find the radio station, and apply with the station manager to get involved.


Good with computers and design? Try your hand at animation. Work with computer software to manipulate digital objects and turn them into moving imagery or cartoons.

You can learn the basics in online courses (or take a class at your school!) and apply your new skills to a variety of jobs after graduation.

Discover New Hobbies with Your College Care Package

In each month’s college subscription box from My College Crate, you’ll find a variety of items that just might lead you to a hobby you’ve never considered. And you never know what you’re going to get next month when your parents sign you up!

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