7 Perfect Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

This Valentine’s Day, show them how much you care! 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to remind your college students just how much you care, love, and appreciate them! However, buying gifts for college students can be difficult, so here are 7 perfect gift ideas for your college student to receive on Valentine’s Day! 

1. Box of Chocolates 

Starting off with a true Valentine’s Day classic, a box of chocolates is always greatly appreciated and is a small but nice way to remind someone how much you care. Or get creative and send a Candy Care Package featuring chocolates, gummies, and much more!

2. Travel Tumbler or Thermos

When it comes to college students, this is practically a necessity and it makes for a great gift! Our Tea Lovers Gift Set and our Coffee Lovers Gift Set both come with a travel tumbler, and all the materials your college student could possibly need for the perfect cup of the beverage of their choice! See more here!

3. Plants

Decorating a dorm room or college apartment can be difficult and a plant makes for the perfect gift to help bring some more life to their living space while showing how much you care. This Plant Lovers Gift Set is the ultimate kit for plant people.

4. A Gift Set or Care Package 

Sending your college student a care package perfectly curated for their needs is a great gift to show how much you care! We have a wide variety of gift sets and care packages available for college students who could use a little extra care! Find more information about what we have to offer here

5. Jewelry

Another Valentine’s Day classic that people love! Jewelry is always a great gift especially for college students who need something they can put on easily and be reminded of home. Whether it’s a bracelet, necklace, pendant, locket, earrings, chain, or anything else that speaks to the student, it will be much appreciated! 

6. Personalized Gifts

There are many different options here but a personalized gift is always a good way to go! Whether it’s a keychain with a message from you to them, a mug with their favorite movie character, a journal with their initials on it, a stuffed animal that talks, or a wine glass with their favorite quote, a personalized gift can really show how much you care! 

7. A Subscription Box from Us

Our monthly subscription box service is designed for college students and equipped with everything they could possibly need. A themed box arriving monthly with tasty treats, delicious snacks, premium items, exciting activities, and more? They’ll be feeling the love for sure! Find more information about our subscription service here!

Send a hug from home 

There ya have it! All these ideas and more are sure to make the perfect gift for your college student. My College Crate is dedicated to creating and curating gift sets and care packages for college students to fulfill their needs. We have a wide variety of essential items available now!