Family Activities When College Students Are Home

Mother and daughter cooking together

When They Leave, Take Care of Them with a University Care Package

Surprise! Your college students are home early from school. Although they’re busy with homework and staying connected to their friends, you suddenly have a lot of time to spend together. You need ideas about what to do to keep everyone entertained and peaceful during this period of togetherness! Here are a few fun ways to pass the time as a family.

Movie Mustache Game

Have a laugh while enjoying a new flick. Cut out a paper mustache and attach it to your TV screen. (You can tape it to a piece of thin string, and then tape the string to your TV’s frame.) It’s hilarious when the mustache perfectly aligns on a character’s face! 

Make it a competition. Place bets about how many times the mustache lines up. The person with the worst guess has to clean up after a meal or do another household task.

Game Night

Break out the board games from the closet and host a game night, complete with snacks. Family favorites inspire nostalgia. 

You also can try your hand at group video games, like Wii Sports, Nintendo Switch Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, or Mario Party. 

Cook a Meal Together

It’s Iron Chef time! Pull out ingredients you already own from your pantry and freezer, and get creative together. Assemble a delicious meal with what you have–or hold a contest to see whose version of the entree is tastier. 

Cooking together builds bonds, requires teamwork, and results in something everyone can appreciate: a home-cooked meal.

Play Backyard Sports

The team is back together! Organize a family team sport in the backyard, like kickball or touch football. Keep score (for fun). Staying active together actually helps you stay happier and lower stress levels as you re-adjust to the dynamics of a full house.

Share a Hobby

Learn a new skill or pastime by sharing hobbies with each other. Teach your college kid about your hobby, and have them teach you about one of theirs. Try out each others’ hobbies for a couple of hours and see if you love them as much as they do.

Sort and Organize the House

It may be less-than-fun, but going through possessions. Create sell, donate, trash, and keep piles to sort items. Organizing your house is always a great idea, especially as college kids prepare to move out in a few short years. 

You might even uncover some treasures you’ve forgotten about, like elementary-school art, cherished toys, and other meaningful items.

Sell valuable items you don’t want anymore. Donate items that are still in good condition. Throw away anything not worth selling or not in good enough condition to donate. Keep and reorganize the items you want or need. Your home will look tidier, and you’ll feel happier living in a decluttered space.

Plant a Garden

Head outside with seed packets and garden soil. Plant a vegetable or flower garden (if weather appropriate), and take care of it every day by watering and weeding it. In several weeks, you can harvest the fruits of your labor–or enjoy gorgeous flowers. Learn more about starting a garden from our sister brand’s blog post over at The Care Crate Co.

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Editor’s Note: This post has been updated for accuracy. It was originally published on April 10, 2020.